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Photos & Stories From 2012 - 2013

Bull - Elk
Olen P.
Chesterfield, VA Whitetail
Danny P.

Photos & Stories From 2011 - 2012

Buckingham, VA
Buckingham, VA Whitetail
Ryan B.

Photos & Stories From 2010 - 2011

Jim Draper - Writer / Whitetail Times Magazine
Jim Draper - Writer / Whitetail Times Magazine
Jim Draper
Jim Draper - Writer / Whitetail Times Magazine

Jim Draper - Writer / Whitetail Times Magazine

Virginia Whitetail
VA Whitetail (non-typical)
Tommy J.
VA Whitetail (non-typical)

VA Whitetail (non-typical)

This Virginia whitetail had 22 points, 2 drop tines and measured 24" outside & 21" inside.

Eufaula, Oklahoma
11 pt. Buck
Kevin S.
Eufaula, Oklahoma Buck
Kevin S.


I took this nice 11 pt. buck on 10-26-10 near the Eufaula, Oklahoma area. I initially saw him chasing a doe on opening day at approximately 200 yards. He was so involved in the chase, however, that he wouldn't even stop long enough to investigate the sound of my grunt call.

The evening of the 26th I made the decision to hunt the same tripod stand that I had observed him from on opening day. By 6:40pm, 7 does and a young buck had made their way into the north end of the field I was watching. Suddenly, 2 of the does stood motionless, staring toward the north. Moments later, I could see my buck standing at the edge of the field, observing the does. As the buck stood there sizing up the situation, I fired a shot at 6:50pm at a distance of 110 yards. The shot sent the buck running into the brush, with daylight fading. Between my dad, brother and me, we were unable to locate him that evening. Wednesday morning, however, we returned to the area and my brother, Scott, found the buck nestled in a brushy clump about 30 minutes into the search.

As you can see, the giRAMROD and SpinJag are clearly a part of my winning combination. I also use the SpinJag Bullet Starter. Together, these products combine to provide a higher level of accuracy and substantially ease the loading of my muzzleloader. Thanks for such a great product!


Kevin S.

Equipment used:
RIFLE: Thompson/Center Triumph .50 cal "Bone Collector"
RAMROD: giRAMROD with SpinJag
SCOPE: Zeiss Conquest 3-9X 50mm MC
POWDER: Blackhorn 209 (110 grains)
BULLET: Harvester 300 grain Scorpion PT

New Mexico Elk Hunt
New Mexico Elk
Allen R.

I just returned from a successful New Mexico elk hunt. One of my hunting companions (Mike W.) told me he promised you a photo if one of us was successful.

You fitted my Savage 10ML-II with a giRAMROD, a SpinJag, and I also use your Bullet Starter. These are great products and I have recommended them to friends.

Four of us drew muzzleloader bull elk permits for New Mexico, and none of us owned muzzleloading rifles at the time! In the span of several short months we had to do research, buy weapons, develop accurate hunting loads and practice shooting our new rifles. We never would have gotten it all done without the help of Randy Wakeman's excellent website and with advice from helpful manufactures like you. It's hard to find muzzleloading guns and supplies in California, and advice based on actual experience was nonexistent.

Hopefully you can clearly see the SpinJag at the end of my giRAMROD in the photo. The young bull responded to my guides call and came looking for love, but got a bullet instead. The 290 gr. Barnes Spitfire T-EZ dropped him on the spot, and now I have a freezer full of steaks, sausages and elk burgers to enjoy.

Best regards and continued success with your fine products.

Allen R.

Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan Canada
Meadow Lake Saskatchewan Canada
William P.

I'm William P. from Meadow Lake Saskatchewan Canada. I just received my Spin Jag last week and had an opportunity to really test it out this past weekend. I'm primarily a meat hunter and somewhat of a trophy hunter. I went to a local forestry cut block were the Forestry Company was harvesting wood early that week. The first deer I saw was a whitetail doe. I harvested it with my muzzle loader and while watching the doe expire a whitetail Buck walked out from the willow patch from behind where the doe had fallen. When I realized the Buck looked like a shooter, I then had to quickly reload my muzzle loader. Well this is where the Spin Jag earned its keep. I couldn't believe how fast this jag allowed me to reload my muzzle loader. There wasn't hardly any resistance from the bullet going down the barrel because the Spin Jag was allowing the bullet to rotate with the rifling of the bore and I didn't have to push as hard as I did before without the Spin Jag.

I believe if I didn't have the spin jag it would have taken me a lot longer to reload and I would have missed my opportunity to harvest the whitetail Buck.

The buck scored 162 4/8" Typical. It was shot with a Savage 10ML -II using 42.8 Grains of IMR 4759 smokeless powder - Winchester 209 Primer - Dead Center 260 Grain Bullet and the best damn jag ever made, The Spin Jag attached to the giRAMROD from GUNN INNOVATIONS. I highly recommend the SPIN JAG to any muzzle loader hunter. The only thing that will be sorry that you used the Spin Jag is the animal that you harvest.

William P.

Couple Oklahoma Buffalos & Wyoming Antelope
Wyoming antelope
Cord S.
Oklahoma buffalo
George A.
Oklahoma buffalo
Bart S.

Both buffalos were taken with two Hot Shots propelling a Hornady 300 gr. ballistic tip projectile in a Savage 10ML-II. The antelope was taken with a Traditions 250 gr. ballistic tip projectile propelled by two Hot Shots in a Savage 10ML-II.

Also, thanks so much for manufacturing Spin Jags. The concave face and rotating jag works well for seating projectiles; when wiping the bore between shots at the range or after a day in the field, the rotating jag really helps.

Prince George, VA
Savage 10ML-II
Savage 10ML-II

First Deer
Casey's first deer...
taken at over 100 yds
Photo by Bruce Ingram
Knight Disc Extreme
Cameron - Harvested his first deer

Knight Disc Extreme
Clint - Knight Disc Extreme
Imperial Whitetail Clover patch
Proudly showing off
the giRamrod & SpinJag

Cadillac, MI
Savage 10ML-II
Art S. - Savage 10ML-II

Tony Smotherman - Travelin' Hunter
8 Piont Buck
Tony Smotherman - 8 pt Buck
Black Bear
Tony Smotherman - Black Bear

First Black Bear
Black Bear
Black Bear
Note the SpinJag
Black Bear
Mark With His Black Bear
Black Bear
Look At Those Paws

Game Harvested by Our Customers - Powhatan, Virginia
Powhatan, VA Black Bear
Powhatan, VA Black Bear
400 lb - 7 ft Tall Black Bear - Powhatan, VA
Phil, Wesley and VA Black Bear
Phil, Wesley and VA Black Bear
7 Ft, 400 lb. Pope & Young Black Bear

Wesley Redford, my lifelong hunting partner and myself (Phillip Fore ) made several scouting trips late September looking for a location to hunt with a food source close to a good bedding area with little hunting pressure. We found a spot with acorns near a swamp and very thick bedding area. I knew this area was known to be credited with several Bear sightings and told Wesley not to be surprised if we saw a Bear, not to mention Deer & Turkeys.

We were settled in our tree stands 20 feet high by 6:00 AM even though legal shooting light was 6:37 AM. This was Sat. October 3,2009 , the first day of bow season in Powhatan County Virginia and the first time when Bears would be legal to harvest thru the entire bow season.

I was using a Summit Titan Tree Stand, Mathews Switchback Compound Bow,Beman Carbon arrows ,Montec G5 Brodhead , and Scott release.

At 7:50 AM I heard the sound of a very large animal traveling thru the woods toward me. I readied my bow as this 7 Ft., 400 lb. Pope & Young , Black Bear showed himself and at 27 yards I released my arrow. My arrow entered just behind the front shoulder as the bear spun and ran past the base of my tree. I heard the Bear crash into a thicket but stayed in my tree until 9:30 AM to avoid pushing the bear and preventing a recovery.

Wesley and I found our trophy about 100 yards from my tree and the celebration began.

I feel truly blessed and thanked God for the Hunt of a Lifetime. My journey started when I was 8 years old on a farm in Chesterfield County and at 55 years old & 47 years of hunting this was truly my hunt of a lifetime.

Update 2/22/10

I just had my bear skull scored and was very pleased with the results. To make the Pope & Young the Black Bear Skull must score a minimum of 18". My Powhatan Bear's score was 19 11/16"...Mike Bleech to write a story for Bear Hunt Magazine...the story should be published sometime before the end of the year.

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